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Chan Chok Ki is a Hong Kong contemporary artist. He has extensive experiences in academic, engineering and business fields prior to becoming a full time artist six years ago. A frequent traveler, he is deeply inspired by the diversity and richness of culture, history and people around the globe. Often disturbed by the social divide, inequalities and contradictions in society, he employs surreal and symbolic visual languages in his oil paintings to reflect the absurdity of modern life. Vivid colors and composition of the paintings convey to viewers the artist's strong passion, deep feelings and optimism in life. His paintings are thought-provoking and intended to stimulate audiences to transcend across boundaries and re-examine the meaning of life in modern society.


  • 2022 "Run till Dawn" was selected by Hong Kong Fringe Club 40th anniversary "Be 40 Mixed- Media Exhibition"

  • 2022 "Human Realm" Human Realm Art exhibition by White Box Studio, Viafarini Milan Italy

  • 2022 "Vertical Scenery", Ranked 8th place by the 2022 International Achievement Awards in Oil Painting organized Camelback Gallery, US

  • 2022 "Tranquility", Bronze award in "Shades of Blue 2022 International Juried Visual Arts Competition"organized Camelback Gallery, US

  • 2022 "City Reflections", Finalists in the "My Best Work of 2021" International Juried Visual Arts Competition, Camelback Gallery, US

  • 2021 "Vertical Scenery" Bronze Award, "Realism 2021 Painting Arts Awards" , An International Juried Painting Competition, Camelback Gallery, US

  • 2021 Korea China Japan Culture Cooperation Art Festival 2021, organized by International Culture Association ICA at Maru Art Center, Korea Seoul

  • 2021 Affordable Art Fair at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

  • 2021 Vitality • Vibrancy joint exhibition at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

  • 2020 Hong Kong Oil Painting Competition 2020 organized by the Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Society, to be exhibited after pandemic

  • 2020 +VE/-VE Exhibition by Art Next at SML tower

  • 2019 『Tranquility • Vibrancy 』a solo art exhibition at Anita Chan Lai Ling Gallery, Fringe Club

  • 2019 Art Next Expo 2019 organized by Art Next at PMQ



2019 『Tranquility • Vibrancy 』published, the book is keep in Hong Kong's public libraries.



2021 Singtao Daily Newspaper Aug-05, Art Culture

2020 Modern Home MH no. 508,October

2020 Singtao Daily Newspaper Jul-30, ArtCan

陳作基是香港當代藝術家。他在工程, 學術及商界有豐富工作經驗,熟知世界各地政經,文化及歷史。油畫作品多以超現實,象徵及表現主義手法描述香港社會的光怪陸離現象 。獨特的色彩,構圖與視覺語言引發觀賞者深思各種現象的關係,矛盾與意義。


  • 2022 "Run till Dawn" 被選中參展香港藝穗會四十週年展覽 "邊渡四十年"

  • 2022 『人間』藝術作品展, 白盒藝坊主辦,維亞法里尼藝術中心, 米蘭,意大利

  • 2022 "垂直的風景","2022年國際油畫成就大獎賽"排名第八位的油畫家, 美國Camelback Gallery 主辦

  • 2022 "靜" 銅獎 "藍之光影 - 2022" 國際視覺藝術比賽 美國Camelback Gallery 主辦

  • 2022 ''西九 M+ 文化 ''決賽入選藝術家,「藝術家之2021最佳作品」-國際視覺藝術大賽, 美國 Camelback Gallery 主辦

  • 2021 "垂直的風景",銅獎 ,「2021年寫實及超現實在線繪畫大賽」, 美國Camelback Gallery 主辦

  • 2021 參展韓中日文化協力美術祭, ICA國際文化協會,韓國國際文化協會主辦, Maru Art Centre 韓國首爾

  • 2021 Affordable Art Fair, 香港會議展覽中心

  • 2021 『活•彩』聯合展覽, 香港視覺藝術中心

  • 2020 入選香港油畫大展,香港油畫研究會主辦,作品將於疫情後展出

  • 2020 +VE/-VE 畫展,新藝潮主辦, SML Tower香港

  • 2019 『静•激盪』個人畫展,藝穗會,陳麗玲畫廊

  • 2019 新藝潮博覽會,入選為新藝潮藝術家,於元創坊展出

  • 2019 作品集『陳作基油畫集』獲公共圖書館收藏


Chan Chok Ki signed each paintings with his Chinese childhood nickname 怪 which means unconventional or idiosyncratic.


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