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Cage of Wealth

Cage of Wealth

Jun 2018
oil on canvas 油彩布本
100 x 79.6 cm

The Loop, Lilian Chan

We work for a living, always hoping to make more money for a better life, but at the same time getting trapped in the materialistic world. What about work-life balance? The piece is in three fragments. First, it describes how it feels to work in a dream job to make a lot of money. Then comes the moment when it is harder to make more and more money. A loss of purpose and the feeling of there is no real life anymore begins to descend. The person is caught in a loop because in an expensive place like Hong Kong, you have to work harder and harder. You are trapped in a cage. I have created a clash between major and minor to suggest this contradictory situation.


Hope you like my composition!

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