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Painting Series

Lion Rock

Lion Rock is an iconic mountain in Hong Kong. It represents the Hong Kong Spirit and has a deep cultural meaning in the heart of Hong Kong people. The importance of Lion Rock to Hong Kong is similar to that of Mt Fuji to Japan.​

The Rock II (1.5M).jpg

Tranquility and Vibrancy

"Tranquility and Vibrancy" series consists of water, cloud and flower paintings which reflect the artist's meditation and state of mind.


City Pulses

"City Pulses" series makes use of Marathon runners as symbols of the dynamic and energetic Hong Kong city life. The run in cold darkness under yellow street lights resembles to struggles and endurances of city dwellers moving up the status ladder. The warm yellow lights are their only hope and encouragement.


Vertical City

"Vertical Scenery" series contrasts life inside concrete, confined and air-conditioned buildings with the unparalleled beauty of mother nature.


Great Waves

"Great Waves" series reflects current crises in Hong Kong and uses symbolic laser beams and vivid colored great waves to bring hope, encouragement and optimism.



"Cage" series depicts Hong Kong iconic buildings into cages and questions the ultimate meaning of Hong Kong people's endless pursue of wealth, reputation, power and status.

Cage of Wealth
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