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Tranquility • Vibrancy

- a solo art exhibition by Chan Chok Ki

 Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery,  Fringe Club 

 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong   

 Free Admissions.  Please don't send flowers.

 Wed 03-Apr-2019 to Mon 15-Apr-2019

 03-Apr   3pm - 8:30pm

 Monday to Friday 10am - 8:30pm

 Saturday 11:30am - 8:30pm

15-Apr 10am - 7pm

 closed on Sunday and public holidays 

Harp Performance by Lilian Chan:
3 April   6pm - 7pm


Meet the Artist:
3 April   5pm - 7:30pm
During Exhibition   6pm - 7pm

Hong Kong city life is a fast-paced journey full of anxiety, perplexity and contradiction. Chan Chok Ki turned to oil painting as an escape from his high-pressured career life. The paintings reflected his state of mind at different space and time. At times, it was full of excitement, vibrancy, fear and sarcasm; other times, it was peaceful, relax, serene and beautiful. Arising from his daily encounters, inspirations, frustrations and memories, the artist transformed them into vivid paintings that expressed his feelings, energy and surreal thoughts. He set free his intuition and sought to inspire and stimulate audiences to transcend across and beyond boundaries.


靜  •  激盪  - 陳作基 個人畫展

 陳麗玲畫廊,   藝穗會   


 免費入場   懇辭花籃

 03-04-2019 (三)  至 15-04-2019 (一) 

 四月三日   3pm - 8:30pm

 星期一 至 星期五   10am - 8:30pm

 星期六   11:30am - 8:30pm

 四月十五日   10am - 7:pm


 豎琴表演 - 陳雅珩
 四月三日      6pm - 7pm

 四月三日   5pm - 7:30pm
 展覽期間   6pm - 7pm

生命是一個旅程。在步伐急速的香港大都會,這旅程充斥著焦慮、矛盾、和無盡的困惑。 活在這稠密的空間,陳作基將其經歷,感受及社會蛻變融入其作品中,反映着不同時空的心態。 有充滿着激情的、恐懼的、諷刺的; 也有帶着寧靜的、喜悦的和美麗的。畫家將日常的遭遇和靈感,在畫布上展現他的感性、能量和超現實的想象空間。透過風格鮮明的畫作,畫家試圖激發觀賞者作跨界思考,引發共鳴和創新的思潮。

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